3D Origami fish easy

This traditional easy paper fish might be the easiest origami fish you will have .

  1. Fold the diagonal of the origami to fold out the cross crease in the middle.

  1. Fold the left and right corners along the center line.

  1. Fold the corners up and compact the crease.

  1. Fold both sides of the origami back to the top of the corner and fold it up. Fold into the shape in the figure.

  1. Fold down the second layer of origami.

  1. Use scissors to cut the fold you just turned into a small triangle.

  1. Fold the triangle you just cut up.

  1. Fold the left and right sides of the origami in half.

  1. After folding in half, turn the origami out from the inside, and finally draw your eyes, and a small fish is folded.

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