3d origami mouse

How to Make an Origami Mouse!: In this tutorial, I will show you how to make an origami Mouse.

  1. Fold the diagonal of the origami into a triangle.

  1. Unfold the origami, and fold the upper and lower sides of the origami back to the center line respectively.

  1. Unfold the origami, fold the upper layers of the origami in line with the center line, and fold into the creases in the figure.

  1. Put the origami into the picture.

  1. Turn over and fold the right corner of the origami to the left.

  1. Turn over and turn the two sides of the origami back towards the centerline respectively.

  1. Fold the origami left and right.

  1. Fold the long side of the origami down.

  1. Unfold the origami, follow the crease, and fold the origami up again.

  1. Open the mouse’s ears, draw eyes and nose, and a little mouse is done!

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