How to make an Origami Elephant .Easy Origami Elephant

Although there are many related tutorials for kid's origami production, Many origami tutorials only pursue the similarity of the shape comparison. 

There are still many details in the real one without a better presentation. This actually restricts the children to learn the origami. The origami tutorial shared here is a beautiful origami elephant.

1.First we will fold the square of the prepared paper diagonally out of a triangle.

2.We will fold a side of the diagonal on both sides and fold it diagonally. We will fold the origami along the diagonal.

3.We fold the smallest and longest corners up a bit. We flip the origami and fold the folded corners along the origami gap. We expand the corners to get the guides.

4.We will fold the auxiliary line, fold it in the up and down direction of the paper, and fold out the shape of a pyramid. We will flatten the cone to the bottom. We will fold the part upwards as shown in the figure. Fold back a part.

5.We will fold back the part in the previous step, and fold back in the reverse direction, then we can press the crease inside. We will fold the back part and fold the corner. We will fold the corner to the inside. We draw on the origami as shown in the figure shape.

6.We draw the shape shown on the origami as shown.

7.We cut this part along the black lines.

8.We can draw the elephant’s ears and eyes on the origami, as shown in the picture.


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