How to Fold an Origami Animal

In the production of origami animals, the frequency of origami cocks is relatively low, so here is a more interesting origami cock making tutorial.

1.The adjacent two sides are respectively folded inward by 2 cm to form an edged origami triangle that can stand up.

2.The pressure is spread into a square shape.

3.Fold this structure into an origami bird type.

4.Fold it up.

5.Then the four edge structures are stretched and flattened.

6.The left and right triangles are folded inward.

7.The upper structure is folded down.

8.Then fold the paper mold in half.

9.After rotating the origami model, fold the structure on the right side up.

10.Turn the square structure folded inside out.

11.Press the top corner inward again. This forms the cockscomb and mouth of the origami cock.

12.Fold the origami cock’s foot backwards.

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