How to Make a Paper Fighter Airplane

Instructions to learn how to make origami airplanes. This simple origami airplane simulates a fighter jet plane. This paper plane is very simple to fold but you can also enjoy flying this plane away.

1.Prepare an attached colored paper.


2.Unfold along the crease as shown.


3.Fold the two sides toward the middle as shown in the figure, and fold the lower side outward.


4.Fold in half as shown below.


5.Flip to the back and fold it as shown.


6.Fold it in along the crease as shown in the figure.


7.Fold the two sides inward as shown.


8.Fold along the crease as shown.



9.Fold in half along the middle, and fold down in the small triangle.


10.Fold down as shown in the figure, and fold the other side down as well.


11.Fold the two small triangles as shown, and the fighter will be folded.


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