How to Make a Paper Flying Dinosaur

Dinosaurs have always been children’s favorite. Friends who have seen Jurassic Park will be shocked by the shape of dinosaurs. There are many types of dinosaur origami, and the delicate dinosaur origami steps are complicated. Today I will share with you a pterosaur with realistic shapes and relatively simple steps.

1.Fold the square paper triangle in half.

2.Fold the triangle in half to create a center line.

3.Turn the paper around with the corners pointing down. Fold the corner tip up.

4.Turn the paper in one direction, and then fold the bottom toward the center line to get the crease as shown in the figure.

5.Then fold the second crease towards the third crease.

6.Fold this corner on the right to point B on the left. Please be careful not to fold towards point A.

7.Turn the paper over.

8.Fold the wings below.

9.Fold the dinosaur’s tail up to a diamond shape.

10.Fold the paper as shown in the figure.

11.Both sides are folded in this way, and the two sides are folded like this.

12.Fold the two wings together to form the form shown.

13.Fold your tail inward.

14.Fold the head of a dinosaur.

15.Fold the layer under the head forward.

16.Fold the dinosaur’s head back a bit.

17.Fold down the two wings of the dinosaur.

18.Fold the dinosaur’s neck inward.

19.Adjust the wings of the dinosaur and the pterodactyl is complete.

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