How to Make an Origami Dragon

This page is for those who want the instruction to fold a traditional origami dragon. The origami dragon starts from bird base. One special folding technique.

1.Prepare big and small colored paper. Let’s fold the big paper diagonally.

2.Fold one side to the bottom side respectively, and follow the crease to the middle as shown in the figure.

3.On the other side, we do the same, we fold a corner down parallel to the side where the finger was pressed.

4.Fold up following the crease after opening.

5.Turning the origami down, we turned the outside edge over the other side and folded the dragon’s head up.

6.Fold the outer corner up, and then fold it to the previous crease. Do the same for the other side. The dragon’s body is folded.

7.Use another small piece of paper to fold the faucet. According to the crease we fold the triangle, and pull one corner to one side to form one side on one side and three sides on the other side.

8.Fold the two sides inward, as shown in the figure.

9.Fold the corners on both sides up and down, and then fold down again.

10.We pull the corner away from the inside as shown in the figure, and then fold the folded center line in half Fold the corners on both sides upwards and fold vertically.

11.After folding, we fold the sharp corners inward, and then fold it in half as shown in the figure.

12.We insert the folded head into the origami of the dragon’s body, and that’s it.

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