How to make paper fish 3d

3D Paper Fish making with Color Paper for kids by following this origami fish making  tutorial.

  1. Prepare a square of colored paper

  1. Diagonal fold expansion.

  1. The three folding angle midpoint alignment,

4.Upside down, the two left corners aligned continue folding midpoint

5.The upper and lower folded into a trapezoidal

  1. Expand left folded into the pentagon.

  1. Cut with scissors along the fold section

  1. Expand, the upper and lower left portion aligned with the edges folded crease.

  1. Folded down, and the bottom right of the hypotenuse of the triangle is aligned folded twice

  1. Expand the crease obtained.

  1. The left right square off length

  1. Expand, according to the intermediate crease crease down.

  1. The triangles and squares folded along the fold dimensional shape, a triangular shape is also folded a perspective tail.

  1. The two open squares left eye stereoscopic shape, a perspective view of the folded fish.

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