How to make paper pigeon

Origami Pigeon Instructions. This pigeon is a traditional origami design that is easy to make.

  1. Fold the origami paper along its diagonal, and then fold the triangle left and right to fold a small isosceles right-angled triangle.

  1. Fold the outer layer of the origami from the opening to the right of the origami.

  1. Fold the other side of the origami to the back of the origami, and fold a small isosceles right triangle.

  1. Fold the right angle under the origami to the top of the origami.

  1. Fold the origami folded in the previous step up along its crease to fold out one of the wings of the pigeon.

  1. Turn the origami over, fold it in the same way, and fold out a wing.

  1. Fold the right corner of the origami to the bottom of the origami to make a clear crease.

  1. Unfold the origami, and at the same time fold the triangle forward, fold out the tail of the pigeon, and draw the eyes.

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