Origami 3d Strawberry

3D origami how to make a strawberry tutorial We’re show you how to make strawberry .

  1. Fold the top, bottom, left and right sides of the origami.

  1. Follow the creases and gather the origami into double squares.

  1. Fold the sides of the square towards the middle.

  1. After folding, retract the origami paper inward, and then fold back the two sides of the lower layer to the centerline respectively.

5.According to the previous crease, spread the origami and press it down to the shape shown in the figure.

  1. In the same way, fold both sides, and then fold back the extra side.

  1. Turn the origami to the side without creases, and turn the origami out.

  1. Spread the middle part of the origami and paint the spots, and a strawberry is folded.

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