Origami Bugs

Instructions to learn how to make origami bugs.

  1. Take out a square of colored origami and fold it diagonally, diagonally.

  1. Fold the origami paper along the crease to fold a small double square.

  1. Fold the right angle of the bottom layer of the origami paper to the top of the origami paper, and there is a gap in the middle.

  1. Fold the two triangles under the origami towards the top of the origami and fold out two right-angled triangles.

  1. Fold the right angle under the origami to the top of the origami to fold an isosceles trapezoid.

  1. Fold the lower edge of the origami paper and continue to fold it above the origami paper to make a long and narrow isosceles trapezoid.

  1. Rotate the origami 180 degrees, and fold the top and left edges of the origami towards the middle gap of the origami.

  1. Flip the origami, the smooth side is facing us, and draw an arc under the origami.

  1. Take out the scissors and cut along the arc to get the outline of a seven-star ladybug.

  1. Take out the scissors, cut two circles on the white origami, and stick it to the head of the seven-star ladybug.

  1. Take out the black paintbrush, draw the eyes of the seven-star ladybug on the origami paper, and draw seven black spots on the body.

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