Origami Butterfly step by step

Today we come to fold beautiful butterflies. The folding method of this butterfly is very simple, and it comes out vividly. It is very beautiful to fold it at home for decoration!

  1. Prepare a small square of paper, fold the four corners of the paper along the diagonal, and unfold them.

  1. Turn over, fold the top and bottom, left and right sides of the paper in pairs, and unfold.

  1. Squeeze the two waists of the triangle crease on our front and close them together.

  1. On the opposite side, close the two waists in the same way. In this way, a double triangle is folded.

  1. Fold the left two corners of the double triangle to the right along the middle crease, and coincide with the two right corners.

  1. Cut the four corners stacked on the right side into an arc shape, as shown in the figure.

  1. Expand the two corners, that is, restore them into double triangles. Fold the two corners on the front side to the middle crease, and align the edges with the crease.

  1. Turn over, pinch the top corner of the triangle, fold it to the center of the bottom edge, and expose the tip of the triangle.

  1. Fold the exposed triangular tip to the back along the bottom edge, as shown in the figure.

  1. Squeeze the middle crease near the bottom edge firmly and close the two sides together.

  1. Release your hand, so that the beautiful butterfly is folded.

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