Origami Dinosaur Triceratops

Kids will go wild over this origami dinosaur! But they will need some help to fold it. It’s a bit too difficult for kids. But adults can follow our step by step .

1.Find a square piece of paper and fold it left and right like this to get a crease.

2.Fold the left and right sides towards the middle crease.

3.Fold down the top two corners and restore them to get these two creases.

4.Press the two corners back inside.


5.Make a crease at the red line. The two curly brackets on the right indicate that the two sides represented by the brackets are equal in length.

6.As shown in the figure, fold another crease just above the crease just now. Note that the two sides shown by the brackets are still the same length.

7.As shown in the figure, fold another crease. I marked the sequence of the previous steps with the serial number.

8.Fold two more creases where indicated by the red line.

9.Fold as shown in the figure. The dotted line is folded forward, and the dotted line is folded back.

10.After the previous step, we got such a figure. Fold it according to the figure and then unfold it to get a crease.

11.Fold it like this and get a crease after unfolding.

12.Fold the triangle in the figure according to the dotted line in the figure.

13.Fold the big triangle forward.

14.Fold out the corner of the triangle dragon’s mouth.

15.As shown in the figure, make two creases according to the red line in the figure. Note that this time the side length ratio is about 4: 1.

16.Fold as shown.

17.Fold it like this, pay attention to the crease where the red line is marked.

18.Fold pig’s tail like this.

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