Origami Fox Easy

These instructions will show you how to make an very easy origami fox.

  1. Fold the square paper diagonally and open it again

  1. Fold both sides along the center line.

  1. Collapse the origami into a small square along the centerline crease.

  1. Fold the edges of the two sides in half along the center line

  1. This is true on both sides.

  1. Expand the folded part

  1. Fold inward along the crease.

  1. After folding, cut out the paper and cut out the gaps on the top and the sides of one side.

  1. Fold the small sharp corners on both sides outwards and fold down in the middle.

  1. Turn over, and cut out notches on both sides of the sharp corners on the back.

  1. Fold down the middle section.

  1. Fold the bottom two corners backwards and outwards, and your legs are folded out.

  1. Draw the eyes and nose of the fox, and the cute fox origami is done!

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