Origami Heart

This easy origami heart is perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s very simple to make and perfect for everyone.

  1. Fold the two diagonal corners of the square paper and unfold it.

  1. The two opposite sides of the square origami are folded out and then unfolded.

  1. Fold the opposite sides of the square to the center line.

  1. Turn the origami over the back and fold it in the lower right corner toward the center line.

  1. The bottom left corner is aligned and folded toward the center line.

  1. Rotate the origami by 90 degrees and turn over the back.

  1. The rectangle below is folded up by 1/3.

  1. Flip down the small rectangle in the middle and flatten it.

  1. The right angle of the small rectangle is folded up diagonally.

  1. Fold up the left and right bottom corners of the middle large rectangle.

  1. Turn the origami over.

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