Origami Moving Flower

This paper craft is an Origami Moving Flower, created by . Below is the step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Cross a square colored paper to make a crease.

  1. Fold the four corners toward the middle as shown in the figure.

  1. Turn to the back after unfolding, and crease in the middle.

  1. Fold both sides to the middle.

  1. After unfolding, fold along the crease as shown in the figure.

6.Fold along the crease as shown.

  1. Fold up the back too, fold a total of 8.

  1. Place one on the middle line of the other as shown.

  1. Fold it up as shown.

  1. Assemble all eight.

  1. Fold it into a circle as shown, and the fun infinite flip is done.

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