Origami Squirrel easy step by step

Learn How to make Origami Squirrel with our simple step by step tutorials.

  1. Take a rectangular origami.

  1. Fold the origami paper in half along the center line, and then fold back the corners on both sides according to the center line.

  1. Fold the origami up and down, and then fold the origami on the left.

  1. In the middle part of the origami, fold the left part of the origami up, and press the right origami inward.

  1. Fold down again. as the picture shows.

  1. Cut the part of the right tip outward, and cut the origami in the middle to form the paw of the little squirrel.

  1. Fold the origami of the head part outward to form the ear of the squirrel. This completes a little squirrel.

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